The annual general meetings of Ethos Foundation and the company Ethos Services took place today in Fribourg. All the agenda items were approved. Rudolf Rechsteiner was elected unanimously to the chairmanship of Ethos Foundation and Beth Krasna unanimously to the chairmanship of Ethos Services. They succeed Dominique Biedermann who did not stand for re-election after 21 years of uninterrupted commitment to the development of Ethos.


The 2018 general meetings of Ethos Foundation and the company Ethos Services mark a milestone with the departure of Dominique Biedermann the last representative of the founders. The boards express their gratitude for his significant contribution to the development and the success of Ethos. As of today, two persons will take on the chairmanship of Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services respectively. Ethos Foundation is responsible for the strategic orientation guided by Ethos’ Charter founded on the notion of sustainable development whereas the company Ethos Services offers a range of high-quality products in the area of socially responsible investment.

Elected to the chairmanship of Ethos Foundation, Rudolf Rechsteiner said: “I look forward to taking up the torch from Dominique Biedermann. It is important to me that Ethos Foundation continues its mission in the service of pension funds in an independent and professional manner in order to continue promoting socially responsible investment and sustainable development. Today, Ethos is recognized in Switzerland as a major force in its field by both pension funds and civil society in general and our purpose is to maintain this”.

The new chairwoman of the board of Ethos Services, Beth Krasna said: “I am enthusiastic to pursue the development and promotion of the high-quality products offered by Ethos Services. Socially responsible investment rests on the integration of non-financial criteria in fund management as well as on the active exercise of shareholder rights”.

The general meeting of Ethos Foundation also recommended to appoint Andrea Frost, vice-chairman of the Bernese pension fund, to the board of Ethos Foundation and took note of the designation of Jacques Folly as statutory representative of the pension fund of the Canton of Geneva.

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