The 2023 General Meetings of the Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services were held in Fribourg on Tuesday 13 June. All items on the agenda were approved. The current members of the Foundation board of Ethos and the board of directors of Ethos Services were all re-elected.

The members of the Foundation and the shareholders of Ethos Services also approved the annual report and the climate report, which describes the measures taken by Ethos to reduce its green-house gas emissions over the past year.

As a reminder, the climate strategy (in French or German), which should enable Ethos to achieve the climate objectives it has set itself by joining the "Net Zero Asset Managers" initiative was approved by both general meetings last year. At that time, Ethos undertook to submit an annual report to its members and shareholders for a consultative vote, setting out the progress made towards achieving its climate objectives.

At the end of the general meetings on Tuesday morning, Silvia Ruprecht, head of the finance and climate group at the federal office for the environment, presented the latest legislative and regulatory developments in the field of sustainable finance and their consequences for institutional investors. She presented the new climate reporting requirements for Swiss pension funds, in particular the Swiss Climate Scores and the new ESG reporting standard of the Association of Swiss Pension Fund (ASIP).

Activity report and financial statements 2022 (in French)

Activity report and financial statements 2022 (in German)

Corporate governance and sustainability report 2022 (in French)

Corporate governance and sustainability report 2022 (in German)