The general meetings of Ethos Services SA and Ethos Foundation were held on 13 June 2019 in Bern. All the proposals were unanimously accepted respectively by the shareholders of Ethos Services and members of Ethos Foundation. The general meetings were concluded with a public event and a panel discussion on the Responsible Business initiative. This event brought together nearly 120 people.

Ethos Services SA general meeting

The shareholders of Ethos Services SA unanimously approved the election of Ms Cornelia Diethelm to the board of Ethos Services. Cornelia Diethelm has extensive experience in sustainability and digitalisation, two central topics in Ethos' activities. She has been the sustainability manager of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives from 2010 to 2018. In 2018, Cornelia Diethelm founded the first Centre for Digital Responsibility, a think tank for digital ethics. She is also CEO of Shifting Society AG.

The General Meeting also unanimously accepted the re-election of Ms Beth Krasna as Chairwoman, as well as the re-election of Mr. Philippe Doffey, Mr. René Sieber and Mr. Hanspeter Uster. Mr. Konrad Wüest, a member of the board since 2015, did not stand for re-election. The Board of Directors thanks him for his commitment to Ethos over the past few years.

Ethos Foundation general meeting

The members of Ethos Foundation unanimously recommended that the board approve all the proposals. In particular, the members approved the election of Mr. Dominique Becht as a new member of the board of Ethos Foundation, as a representative of the members of Ethos. Dominique Becht is responsible for investments within Abendrot Foundation. He has extensive experience in asset management and has held various portfolio management positions in major banking institutions.

In accordance with the articles of association of the Ethos Foundation, the two founding members of Ethos, CPEG and CPPIC, each have a chair by right on the board of the foundation. CPEG designated Mr. Jacques Folly as its representative while the CPPIC appointed Mr. Aldo Ferrari. The members recommended the re-election of Mr. Rudolf Rechsteiner as Chairman of the board, as well as Ms Andrea Frost-Hirschi and Mr. Hanspeter Uster.

Mr. Stephan Bannwart, a member of the board since 2017, did not stand for re-election. The board thanks him for his commitment to Ethos.

Members of the Board of Directors of Ethos Services SA

Members of the Ethos Foundation Board of Directors

Annual Report 2018 (in French)

Annual Report 2018 (in German)