A group of institutional investors, proxy advisors and business representatives have presented in Zurich this morning the “Guidelines for institutional investors governing the exercise of shareholder rights in Swiss listed companies”. They thereby give a clear signal in favor of self-regulation.

Ethos is satisfied that this project which it has contributed to initiate is being realised today. For many years, Ethos has constantly reminded institutional investors of the necessity to adopt common rules of good conduct with regard to stewardship. It is their duty towards the beneficiaries that they represent to exercise their participation rights in a systematic and transparent way.

In this context, Ethos is committed to exercising its own participation rights in Swiss listed companies systematically and transparently and to escalating its activities when appropriate. This not only consists in exercising its voting rights, but also in carrying on a constructive dialogue with the board and management, acting collectively with other investors and, if necessary, submitting shareholder resolutions at general meetings.