Ethos has launched its own index for world equities: the Ethos Index on MSCI World, calculated by MSCI. The index allows investors to benefit from the expertise of Ethos in regards to product-based and conduct-based exclusions, while remaining closely replicated to the MSCI World index.

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Ethos Index on MSCI World

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

A custom index calculated by MSCI based on the exclusion list provided by Ethos



Companies whose products related to the excluded activities below account for more than 5% of global turnover are excluded. Companies whose aggregate turnover or revenue from several excluded activities exceeds 5% are also excluded.

Sector Number of excluded companies Weight in the MSCI World index (31.12.2022)
Total (without aggregated exclusions) 150 9.87%

Of which non-conventional weapons*


Coal 31 1.43%
Gambling 17 0.40%
Nuclear energy 26 1.57%
GMO 3 0.26%
Adult entertainment 0 -
Tobacco 7 0.78%
Unconventional fossil fuels 40 3.30%

*Weapons prohibited by Articles 7 to 8a of the Federal Act on War Material (nuclear, biological and chemical weapons as well as anti-personnel mines and cluster munition).

Furthermore, the index excludes companies whose conduct violates the fundamental principles of ethics and sustainable development.