Ethos launches a second index on the Swiss stock market

Building on the success of its first index ESCGI, launched in January 2017, Ethos will be offering a new index allowing investors to favor companies that adhere to best practices in corporate governance and environmental responsibility. In collaboration with SIX, this new index focuses on the 20 largest companies listed on the Swiss stock market.

Responsible business initiative: Report on the event of 13th June 2019

While the members of the Swiss lower house were approving the counter-proposal to the responsible business initiative, Ethos Foundation organised a conference and debate on Thursday 13th June 2019 in Bern on the topic of "multinational companies and respect for human rights: ethical, economic and political issues". Almost 120 people attended the event.

Ethos: Successions at the level of the presidency, the boards and management

The general meetings of Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services which took place in Berne on 12 June 2015 elected Dominique Biedermann, Ethos' CEO up to then, to the chairmanship of Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services. At the same time, he will quit the management of Ethos in order to concentrate on his new tasks. He succeeds Kaspar Müller, founding member of Ethos in 1997 and chairman since 2007, who decided not to present himself for re-election.

Ethos Foundation: Chairman to retire in 2015

Kaspar Müller, chairman of Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services has announced that he will not stand for re-election at the 2015 annual general meeting. Kaspar Müller has been a member of Ethos Foundation's board since its inception in 1997 and its chairman since 2007. Kaspar Müller says “I am very pleased that the Foundation has reached a stage that allows the implementation of a long term succession plan of its board”.

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